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1980. Born in Saitama prefecture. At the age of 33, he opened his eyes to screws. With a style centered on slow beats around 100 BPM, he is active in various places such as clubs, restaurants and bars. In 2013, he launched a deep-sea dance music party "SUBMARINE" that strongly reflected his own DJ style, inviting CHIDA, DJ KENT, MAX ESSA, DJ NOZAKI, DJ TSU→, jan and naomi, Jarvis Earnshaw, YoshitakeEXPE, etc. repeat sessions. In 2016, 2017, and 2019, he performed at CAMP Off-Tone, the only outdoor festival in Japan specializing in ambient and environmental music. In the fall of 2019, he released his first MIXCD "Blue Blue Blue...".

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word of mouth / Live Record at FORESTLIMIT

Somewhere in Tokyo · Live Rec at FORESTLIMIT by word of mouth (Somewhere in Tokyo) Word of mouth (Somewhere in...

Eyeras Vod / SIT MIX 004

Somewhere in Tokyo Eyeras Vod / SIT MIX 004 Eyeras Vod DJ Mix for Somewhere in Tokyo. Eyeras Vod → https://...


Somewhere in Tokyo · Nogawa / SIT MIX 003 NOGAWA (SUBMARINE) 1980. Born in Saitama prefecture. At the age of ...

For Somewhere in Tokyo selected by Shhhhh

Shhhhh (El Folcore Paradox / The Observatory) DJ/From Tokyo. Discovery of original world music/traditional...
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