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A DJ/Producer from Okinawa Prefecture. Hosted the party "GALAXY". Since his teens, he has been exposed to a variety of music, and currently plays mainly techno. / Releasing on the TECHNO label. In Japan, in 2012, he released a 12inch and Album from DJ NOBU's Bitta . In 2012, he moved his base of activities to Berlin and has played in various cities in Europe until now. Returned to Japan in February 2015 and resumed activities mainly in Japan .

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word of mouth / Live Record at FORESTLIMIT

Somewhere in Tokyo · Live Rec at FORESTLIMIT by word of mouth (Somewhere in Tokyo) Word of mouth (Somewhere in...

Eyeras Vod / SIT MIX 004

Somewhere in Tokyo Eyeras Vod / SIT MIX 004 Eyeras Vod DJ Mix for Somewhere in Tokyo. Eyeras Vod → https://...


Somewhere in Tokyo · Nogawa / SIT MIX 003 NOGAWA (SUBMARINE) 1980. Born in Saitama prefecture. At the age of ...

For Somewhere in Tokyo selected by Shhhhh

Shhhhh (El Folcore Paradox / The Observatory) DJ/From Tokyo. Discovery of original world music/traditional...
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