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THE EXHIBITION - @AA Kabutocho Nihonbashi Japan

2023.4.8 (SAT) - 4.23 (SUN)

Open 13:00-20:00
Closed every Monday and Tuesday and 4.22 (SAT)
*Due to DJ events, 4.8 and 4.15 can only be viewed from 13:00 to 16:00.
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at KESHIKI KABUTOCHO / @keshiki_kabutocho
B1F AA / @aa_kabutocho
[ MAP ]

Art Exhibition

Hiroaki Ooka / @oo____ka
JOJI NAKAMURA / @joji_nakamura
R area / @r_ryouiki

An exhibition will be held at the underground space "AA" of Keshiki in Kabutocho, Nihonbashi by the multi-purpose space "Somewhere in Tokyo" located somewhere in Tokyo. Somewhere in Tokyo (SiT) is a space operated mainly by three creators. In this space, people related to art, fashion, food and drink are mixed around the music culture that is the core of SiT members. Although the address is not disclosed and the event is held irregularly, many nights have been held in the space where people are invited and about 20 guests can be welcomed.

For this exhibition, they will reinterpret the rave scene that has influenced them the most, the DIY PARTY, and the hangouts that have always existed since they were students, and express the values ​​of these as art/installation. display in the form.

The culture of rave, which is said to have been born in England in the late 1980s, has seen many parties in Japan since the 1990s. Raves and DIY PARTY are created by many participants. The organizing team, the DJ who manages the sound, the sound system engineer, the artists who decorate the space, the food stalls who fill the stomach, the directors and artists who make up the workshop and accompanying exhibitions, and guide the customers. The staff who do the work and the craftsmen who assemble the whole. The list of roles of the people involved is endless.

Most parties disappear overnight, leaving only afterimages on the field. Even though many creators were involved in the creation of it, most of it remains only the fact and memory of what happened there. However, this time, the PARTY itself will be treated as one "collaborative work" and will be kept in one underground space.

In that space, the works of three artists who have been able to connect through their activities so far will be exhibited. Hiroaki Ooka is an artist who continues to present works that can only be created at that time and place by staying and producing as if traveling domestically and internationally. Joji Nakamura is a painter who also worked on SiT's logo design and is known for his physical and dynamic strokes. R area has worked on numerous outdoor events, festivals and installations by upcycling industrial waste and natural materials. The works by these three artists bring an appreciation experience to the PARTY as an exhibition. And we welcome "DJs" who are indispensable when talking about SiT, and so-called PARTY, which is the core of their activities, will be held every Saturday during the exhibition period.

In this self-expression called "PARTY", we have met and connected with many people and have been stimulating each other. And there is "ART" in PARTY. We would appreciate it if you could come to this exhibition and experience Somewhere in Tokyo itself, not just as a customer, but as a party.
- Kotaro Hosono (HAITSU / AA)

Somewhere in Tokyo has decided to go out and hold "The Exhibition".
Originally, we were working with the idea of ​​crossbreeding → refining the core culture/content, and creating various expressions in various places and spaces. However, over the past few years, the pandemic has thwarted plans over and over again.

In the midst of this, I met Keshiki (scenery) / AA (a), a complex facility that was built in Nihonbashi Kabutocho at the end of 2022.
The idea of ​​“discovering the ever-changing scenery that people and content interweave in a space” is very close to what we envision. We went ahead and finally made it happen.

In the vast space of about 150 square meters, each of them will develop their own fields, and the space will be decorated with art pieces by three artists who have a unique presence.

And every Saturday during the exhibition, we will install a state-of-the-art sound system and hold a "PARTY" by wonderful DJs who are active in Japan and overseas, regardless of age, gender, or genre.

In addition, at the fresh pasta restaurant Pony Pasta in the same facility, you can enjoy not only pasta but also exquisite dishes, craft beer, and natural wine.

Exactly what we wanted to embody from the time of launch, and what we wanted you to experience, we would like to express our gratitude to all the people involved who have been able to show us the full best content and lineup, and we would like to thank even one person. We hope that many people will be able to experience "Somewhere in Tokyo".

Somewhere in Tokyo

❶ [End] Opening Party / 2023.4.8 (SAT) 17:00 - 23:00

ADV: 3,000Y / DOOR: 3,500Y
Limited 88 Pepole

CELTER / @celter__
MOODMAN / @moodman10
word of mouth / @wordofmouth25

❷ Midterm Party / 2023.4.15 (SAT) 17:00 - 23:00

ADV: 3,000Y / DOOR: 3,500Y
Limited 88 Pepole

Akie / @04_1404_14
Chloé Juliette / @chloedanslaville
LIL MOFO / @lilmofobusiness
Shhhhh / @shhhhh_kaneko

❸ Closing party / 2023.4.22 (SAT) 14:00 - 23:00

ADV: 3,000Y / DOOR: 3,500Y
Limited 88 Pepole

Uneven. / @_ya_p @minamiymg
COMPUMA / @compuma_km
Let's Slow Dance / @lets_slow_dance
Opus. / @__kamome__ @ daichivy
YO.AN / @_yo.an_

■ Sound System
K-array by SURD Co., Ltd.

■ Sound Design
grayfield / @forestlimit_info

■ Visual Effects
Ginji Kimura / @ginji_kimura

■ Image MV
Kiyotaka Sumiyoshi / @sumktl

■ Image MV Soundtrack
DJ NOBU / @dj_nobu_ft

■ Food & Drink
Pony Pasta /@ponypastatokyo

■ Press

Bijutsu Techo
Time Out

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