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Somewhere in Tokyo® is a multipurpose gallery space
That has magically appeared in “Somewhere” in Tokyo.

A by-reservation location where various cultures intermingle, with events as diverse as exhibitions and sales of paintings and works by up-and-coming artists, all types of multidisciplinary art exhibitions, and irregular music experiences.

We also offer souvenirs that bring to mind “Somewhere in Tokyo” as a tourist spot.

The logo was designed by Tomoo Gokita and Joji Nakamura, and they have a wide range of items from standard T-shirts and glasses to utility cases, leather sandals,
and other unique items.

"Somewhere in Tokyo" is a multi-purpose space that has appeared somewhere in Tokyo.

As a diverse mix of cultures, Total Chaos Space offers a wide range of activities, including exhibitions and sales of paintings and artwork by up-and-coming artists, a variety of events, irregular music salons, and drink and food pop-ups.

They also offer souvenirs (neosouvenirs) that portray "certain locations in Tokyo" as tourist spots.
The logo designs were created by artists Tomoo Gokita and Jouji Nakamura, and are available in a wide range of designs.

[ Art ]

The permanent exhibition consists mainly of works by artists with ties to Somewhere in Tokyo. The lineup is unique in its selection and unique perspective, unconstrained by genre or era . Many new works are planned to be added in the future, and the look of the exhibition will change with each addition.

- Artist -
・Tomoo Gokita ・Joji Nakamura & Lung ・Makoto Honda
・TWIST (Barry Mcgee) ・ESPO (Steve Powers) and more…


The state-of-the-art sound system [FUNKTION-ONE F81/SB8] is installed to create a superb musical space.
Not only do we occasionally hold exclusive parties with limited numbers of people and deep listening parties, we also bring out our system to create music for events.
In addition, original DJ MIXes filmed for Somewhere in Tokyo ( DJ KURI / IORI / NOGAWA / Eyeras Vod ) and a Spotify playlist ( Shhhh ) are also available.

- Performer -


We develop our own fabrics and produce apparel with a focus on quality.
The lineup also includes a wide range of unique items, from lighters to USB cases and leather sandals.
In addition to the original line Somewhere in Tokyo, we also operate a project called SOUVENIRS from SOMEWHERE in JAPAN , which collaborates on souvenirs from famous shops and places all over Japan.

- Partner -
・is-ness ・LOOSEJOINTS ・HOLE AND HOLLAND ・Wineshop Human Nature
・MANGOSTEEN TOKYO ・Warayaki Mikan (Fukuoka) ・ECHO barbershop and more…

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