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Somewhere in Tokyo's "SOUVENIRS from SOMEWHERE in JAPAN" project produces souvenirs from famous stores and places all over Japan. The seventh installment is "LOS APSON?", a record shop in Koenji that has been supporting Tokyo's dope music scene for about 30 years.

The owner of this record shop, Keiji Yamabe, has deep connections with many artists and has earned their trust. He worked as a buyer at Roppongi WAVE in the late 80s, and opened his own shop, "LOS APSON?" in Nishi-Shinjuku in 1994. After moving to Hatagaya, the shop now resides in Koenji, where it also exhibits miscellaneous goods collected from all over the world, not limited to records and CDs, as well as T-shirts and art works by artists.

He also oversees the music labels "Jikuu" and "Sexy Recordings" and the magazine "SPECIALOOSE," and is actively involved in a wide range of activities, including releasing music as a DJ under the name "AMEL(R)A" and presenting artwork as an artist.

This is an exclusive item that features new and old artwork created by artists with a connection to Mr. APSON, centered around the theme of "LOS APSON?", printed on an original Somewhere in Tokyo body.

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