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S-Glass / 12inch Record Frame

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A picture frame for a 12-inch record made using the stained glass technique. It is a product created so that you can put your favorite jacket in it and enjoy it as part of your interior.

The LP is made to display one 12 inch sleeve (width 31.5 cm).
When decorating objects smaller than the above, please use the included acrylic plate as a support along with the jacket.

It is made from a delicate material called glass.
We hope that you will understand the following precautions and that you will be able to use the product for a long time.

〇Because it is a glass product, please be careful when handling and installing it. Please refrain from putting unnecessary load on the wall brackets and the glass part, or decorating with a size larger than the standard, as it may cause damage.

〇Because it is handmade, there may be slight individual differences in size and color. Please note.

〇 Due to the characteristics of the material, the glass may have bubbles or scratches. Also, due to the characteristics of the soldered part, black stains may adhere to the wall. When installing on a wall, etc., use the included soft cushion.

〇It is manufactured using solder. Please handle with care so that children do not put it in their mouth.

<About maintenance>
〇When cleaning, please remove it from the wall to avoid stress on the metal fittings.

〇 Wipe the glass part with a dry soft cloth, or wipe it gently with a tightly wrung cloth. If it is very dirty, wipe it with a commercially available glass cleaner and then wipe it with a dry cloth to finish.

〇 If you rub the black solder part strongly, the pigment on the surface may come off. Please be careful when cleaning.

〇Stained glass may become white and powdery due to aging. If you are concerned about it, apply polywax (for stained glass), dry it, and then wipe it dry to keep it shiny and clean. Household leather wax can also be substituted.

Reference size
External dimensions 39cm x 39cm
Depth 4.5cm
Weight 2kg

s glass
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