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Somewhere in Tokyo® is a multipurpose gallery space
that has magically appeared “Somewhere” in Tokyo.

A by-reservation location where various cultures intermingle, with events as diverse as exhibitions and sales of paintings and works by up-and-coming artists, all types of multidisciplinary art exhibitions, and irregular music experiences.

We also offer souvenirs that bring to mind “Somewhere in Tokyo” as a tourist spot.

The logo is designed by Tomoo Gokita and Joji Nakamura,and they have a wide range of items from standard T-shirts and glasses to utility cases, leather sandals,
and other unique items.

A multi-purpose space "Somewhere in Tokyo" has appeared somewhere in Tokyo.

As a Total Chaos Space where diverse cultures coexist, there are a wide variety of activities such as exhibitions and sales of paintings and artworks by up-and-coming artists, a variety of events, music salons that are held irregularly, and drink and food pop-ups.

We also develop souvenirs (Neo Souvenirs) that look like "somewhere in Tokyo" as a sightseeing spot.
The logo is designed by artists Tomoo Gokita and Jouji Nakamura, and we have a wide range of logos.

[ Art ]

A group of permanent exhibitions centered around the works of artists associated with Somewhere in Tokyo. It is a lineup that sets itself apart from others with its own perspective and selection that is not bound by genre or era . Many works will be added in the future, and the expression will change each time.

・Tomoo Gokita ・Joji Nakamura & Lung ・Makoto Honda
・TWIST (Barry Mcgee) ・ESPO (Steve Powers) and more…


Equipped with state-of-the-art sound system [ FNKTION-ONE F81/SB8 ] to create the finest music space.
In addition to holding occasional exclusive parties and deep listening parties with a limited number of people, we also produce music at events using the system.
In addition, DJ MIX ( DJ KURI / IORI / NOGAWA / Eyeras Vod ) and Spotify playlist ( Shhhhh ) are also available for Somewhere in Tokyo.

– Performer –


We develop our own fabrics and produce apparel with a focus on quality.
In addition, the lineup includes a wide range of unique items such as lighters, USB cases, and leather sandals.
In addition to the original line Somewhere in Tokyo, we also operate a project [SOUVENIRS from SOMEWHERE in JAPAN.], which collaborates with souvenirs from famous stores and famous places all over Japan.

・is-ness ・LOOSEJOINTS ・HOLE AND HOLLAND ・Wineshop Human Nature
・MANGOSTEEN TOKYO ・Warayaki mikan (Fukuoka) ・ECHO barbershop and more…

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