Somewhere in tokyo Official Site


Somewhere in Tokyo is a multipurpose gallery space that has magically appeared “somewhere” in Tokyo.

A by-reservation location where various cultures intermingle, with events as diverse as exhibitions and sales of paintings and works by up-and-coming artists, all types of multidisciplinary art exhibitions, and irregular music experiences.

We also offer souvenirs that bring to mind “somewhere in Tokyo” as a tourist spot.

The logo is designed by Tomoo Gokita and Joji Nakamura, and they have a wide range of items from standard T-shirts and glasses to utility cases, leather sandals, and other unique items.


都内某所に出現した多目的空間”Somewhere in Tokyo”。

完全アポイント制のベニューで多様なカルチャーが混在するTotal Chaos Spaceで気鋭作家たちの絵画やアートワークの展示販売やバラエティに富んだエキシビジョン、不定期開催のミュージックサロンなど、その内容は多岐に渡ります。

ロゴデザインには画家 五木田 智央氏・中村 穣二氏を起用し、定番のTシャツやグラスからユーティリティケース、レザーサンダルなど一癖あるアイテムまで幅広く揃えています。